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What is Jintropin?

Jintropin is a specific brand of synthetic growth hormone that is made up of 191 amino acids – some of which are Norditropin, Hypertropin and Humatrope. The Jintropin synthetic hormone is developed in a way that makes it a carbon copy of the growth hormone produced in the pituitary gland. The synthetic form of the hormone is produced through a metabolic process of the bacteria E.coli. The bacteria which are genetically modified secrete Somatropin which is then isolated and freeze dried into powder form. The process of freeze drying is applied to the secreted produce to stabilize it and maintain it in that state until it is used. Jintropin is recommended for those people who suffer from low amounts of growth hormone. This could include children, adolescents, AIDS patients suffering from muscle wasting, those requiring treatments of severe burns, bodybuilders and so on. Since the protein based hormone is an exact replica of the biological growth hormone produced in the brain, it has similar impacts. Jintropin can therefore help to diminish body fat, improve bone density and workout capacity, reduce cognitive decline that comes with age and increment muscle mass. Bodybuilders and models in particular use Jintropin to build lean muscle mass since the polypeptides can cause hyperplasia. The regular anabolic steroids that bodybuilders use make the muscle cells grow in size but the application of Jintropin can not only cause the muscle cells to become larger but also lead to their proliferation. The mere intake of steroids does not lead to significant muscle growth. Physical exercise must be engaged in to build such muscle structure that bodybuilders aspire to. However, it is easy to find yourself tired and burned out with workouts. Jintropin being a synthetic human growth hormone increase the capacity of an individual to exercise and shortens the recovery time between workouts. It also accelerates the healing time of damaged tissues and strengthens ligaments and joints leading to a more dynamic athletic performance. Apart from its benefits for bodybuilding, Jintropin is also used to combat signs of aging like wrinkles and burning of excess fat in the body which includes stubborn fat from the abdominal region.

Benefits of Jintropin

Jintropin is produced by the Chinese company GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd (GenSci). Jintropin was first developed by Dr. Lei, founder of GenSci, through metabolic secretion of E. coli bacteria. The drug comes from a highly credible source as GenSci holds the position of being the first Chinese based pharmaceutical that patented secretion technology. The Jintropin sold by GenSci comes in a lyophilized powder form that has to be reconstituted into an injectable solution via a syringe. Jintropin’s manufacturing process makes it a very pure product leading to its ranking as one of the best freeze dried powder HGH that is available in the market. Numerous independent research companies have tested the purity and effectiveness of Jintropin by GenSci with a unanimous conclusion that it is of excellent quality. Moreover, the rate of antibody formation for Jintropin™ by GenSci is also much lower than that of other HGH brands.

The product generally comes in different measurement packages – Jintropin 2.5 IU, Jintropin 4 IU, Jintropin 4.5 IU and Jintropin 10 IU. From manufacturing to packaging, Jintropin by GenSci is fully protected for the benefit of its users. Jintropin was first produced by GenSci in 1997 and the manufacturing process is subject to supervision by the Chinese government guaranteeing its high quality. The drug has also attained the GMP FDA standard which certifies its purity (98% with the help of new technologies) and value (100% similar to HGH produced by human body). As a result of this, Jintropin has managed to build trust amongst its users – a category that includes several eminent customers such as Madonna and Sylvester Stallone.

The biological benefits of Jinotropin have already been listed above. The synthetic growth hormone is especially popular among sportspersons and bodybuilders. It benefits include reduction of belly fat, lean muscle mass growth, improvement of body condition/composition, better skin and hair, reduction of signs of aging and so on. Due to its high quality and exceptional effects, Jintropin is a drug that is most often replicated illegally and unauthentic versions are sold in the market. Therefore, Jintropin by GenSci carries an anti-counterfeiting sticker on the package. The drug kit cannot be opened without breaking this sticker and so any tampering with the package will be clearly visible. This protects the consumer from counterfeit drugs.

Usage of Jintropin

Since Jintropin comes in lyophilized powder form, it has to first be reconstituted in the form of an injectable solution. Ideally, bacteriostatic water is used for this process in in order to keep the Jintropin solution for longer and protect it from harmful bacteria growth. Around 1 ml of WFI should be added to the vial of lyophilized powder. The solvent should be made to run down slowly along the side of the vial while swirling the vial gently in a rotating motion to completely dissolve the contents. It is recommended to keep the reconstituted solution in a refrigerator although the powder form Jintropin can be kept at temperatures not exceeding 45 degrees Celsius because temperatures above this range would destabilize its molecular composition.

Dosage regimens of Jintropin vary from individual to individual and also depend on the purpose for which the drug is being taken. The recommended dosage for growth promotion in children is 0.1-0.15 IU/kg/day administered subcutaneously for a period of 3 months to 3 years. For patients using synthetic HGH like Jintropin for treatment of severe burns, daily recommended dosage is 0.2-0.4 IU/kg injected subcutaneously for approximately 2 weeks. Individuals who take Jintropin to gain lean muscle or improve body composition like bodybuilders and models, the ideal dosage regimen is that of 4-8 IU per day. Majority of users respond to the regimen best when the administered dosage is adjusted at 4-5 IUs daily. In order to supplement the benefits from Jintropin, testosterone, insulin or a low dose of T3 could be advantageous. The ideal cycle of growth hormone administration consists of a low dosage in the initial stages of treatment which can gradually be increased to higher doses. This is done to avoid or reduce the chances of side effects of synthetic HGH administration like swelling, joint pains and bloating. Generally, the ideal starting dose that is recommended is 2 IUs as most people can tolerate this dosage without experiencing many side effects.

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