Ansomone by AnkeBio


Ansomone® is so absolutely consistent with human HGH because the 191 amino acids sequence in the hormone as well as its three dimensional structure are indistinguishable from the acid sequence structure of human growth hormone.



What is Ansomone?

Ansomone is a high quality HGH drug. The primary active element in the drug is recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH) which completely mirrors the structure of HGH produced in the human body. Ansomone® is so absolutely consistent with human HGH because the 191 amino acids sequence in the hormone as well as its three dimensional structure are indistinguishable from the acid sequence structure of human growth hormone. Ansomone® is recommended for usage in case of growth hormone deficiencies, Turner disease, kidney failures, for fast healing of surgical wounds and burns and to preserve the human body from signs of aging. The synthetic hormone results in the same impacts that endogenous human growth hormone has in the body. It is very effective in burning off excess body fat and leads to the creation of lean muscle mass. Ansomone users also notice a considerable firming of the skin and localized increase in bone density. Other signs of aging like wrinkling are also diminished to a great extent. Ansomone substitutes for the insufficiency or deficiency of human growth hormone and also performs a host of regulatory functions for example – regulating lipometabolism, osteometabolism, heart and kidney functions. It can lead to the multiplication and differentiation of epiphysis chondrocytes and osteoblast as well as boost cartilage matrix cell growth. These biological effects lead to the acceleration in linear growth rate and epiphysis width of the physical body. It also promotes protein synthesis in the body which is helpful for fast healing of wounds. Associated with this benefit of Ansomone is the fact that the drug also reverses negative nitrogen equilibrium which happens in case of a wound or surgery. Ansomone is also highly helpful in fixing hypoproteinemia that may occur due to hepatocirrhosis (infections), boosting immune globin synthesis and propagating production of lymphadenoid, macrophage and lymphocyte thereby heightening an individual’s ability to resist infections. Wound healing due to Ansomone intake is also facilitated by its invigorating effect on collagenocyte, fibroblast and macrophage in areas where the burn or surgical wounds have occurred.

Essentially, Ansomone is a synthetic drug which is developed via bioengineering techniques used on E.coli to produce a sterile, lyophilized formulation of recombinant HGH that has 191 amino acids in a sequence and structure identical to that of the natural human growth hormone. Escherichia coli are bioengineered and these bacteria with modified genotype then produce the growth hormone. The production of Ansomone is localized in China and it is manufactured by Anhui Anke Biotechology (Group) Co., Ltd. with the latest recombinant DNA technology in E. coli secretion expression system, HGH protein folding and the best techniques of fermentation and purification.


Benefits of Ansomone Injections

The synthetic drug Ansomone is manufactured, developed and researched by Anhui Anke Biotechology (Group) Co., Ltd. (AnkeBio) which specializes in the development and production of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The benefit of being manufactured by this establishment is that its bioengineering technique for Ansomone is the most secure process that exists for this purpose. Independent research has provided proof of the drug’s high quality, high bio-activity and high purification. AnkeBio uses up to date recombinant DNA technology and the company’s manufacturing plants are certified for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard by sFDA. The Ansomone thus produced is also certified for its quality to EP/USP/CP/WHO standard. The Ansomone packaged by AnkeBio usually comes in different measurement sizes which are 2, 4, 4.5, 6, 10 and 16 IU vial with water for injection and the drug itself comes as a freeze dried powder which needs to be diluted to an injectable solution form. The benefits also come in terms of packaging since it has been upgraded for more convenient usage. On application of the Ansomone, the drug can provide a host of benefits which includes fat burning, increased exercise capacity, higher energy levels, elevation of moods, increased brain function, refined immunity, improved cholesterol profile, accelerated wound healing, increased bone density, reduction of signs of aging and lean muscle mass.


Usage of Ansomone Injections

Ansomone® developed by AnkeBio is recommended for the purpose of achieving all the aforementioned benefits. Equal pharmacological impact of the drug can be achieved by administering the drug in a subcutaneous or intramuscular manner. Dosage varies depending on the purpose for which the drug is being taken. In case of growth failure in children, the recommended dosage is 0.1-0.15 IU/kg per day administered subcutaneously within a period of 3 months to 3 years. Ansomone can also be taken for burn treatments and in this case the recommended dosage is 0.2-0.14 IU/kg everyday for 2 weeks. For other motivations of Ansomone use, the growth hormone cycle should be started with an initial small dose. Prudent usage suggests dosage of not more than 5 IU in the first week which can gradually be incremented to 10 IU per day divided into two injections. This cycle should be continued for a period of six months for optimal effect. Any further usage of the drug becomes redundant because the body develops a tolerance diminishing the pronounced effects. For bodybuilders in particular, it has been proven by studies that Ansomone when taken alongside the application of anabolic steroids has a complementary effect. Simultaneously, there is also a reception of thyroxine that accelerates fat burning and protects the thyroid gland by removing extra load from it. Injecting Ansomone is most effective when the body’s glucose levels are low for example immediately after waking up and prior to eating, after gym training and at bed time. As yet, there are no established reports of over dosage on recombinant human growth hormone Ansomone but it must be kept in mind that over dosage may result in hypoglycemia which can develop into hyperglycemia. Over dosage for a longer period of time may result in acromegaly. It is also recommended to keep varying the site of injection in order to prevent chances of developing lipoatrophy.

Directions for use are mentioned on the packaging of the product. When reconstituting the powder, 1 ml of sterile water should be injected along the bottle wall and the vial must be swirled gently in a rotating motion until all the contents have dissolved completely. It is recommended to not shake the vial violently. The sealed and unmixed product should be kept away from the light at 2-8ºC. Once the solution has been reconstituted with sterile water for injection, it must be stored for 48 hours at 2-8ºC and not be frozen. The shelf life for the drug is estimated at 2 years with proper storage.